Rebuilding your Team – Post Covid19

May 11, 2020 at 9:37 pm | Published by Carlton Spinks

I’m not going to hit you with any of the daily cliches you are hearing around corona / covid. The fact is for the most part businesses have slowed if not stopped; hiring has stopped if not laying off; and unemployment is suspected to be 20% as of May 2020.

As a recruiting firm we are struggling along as well. However, we are laying groundwork to be prepared for the revitalization of the economy!

Points to consider when you begin to rehire:

  1. In all honesty, this downturn in the market may have afforded you the opportunity to “layoff” poor performers. So when you ramp up, be sure you hire the talent you need.
  2. If you don’t have time to source, cull and screen the resumes coming in; let us help you. And let’s face it, you don’t have the time. There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of resumes bogging down your inbox. You need help!
  3. Whether you have an in house recruiting team or work with agencies, make sure they understand the business and the skill sets “required” for the position. A lot of these searches are based on “buzzwords” and recruiters don’t probe for the qualitative experience a candidate has to offer. Communicate with your recruiting partner and give constructive feedback to laser in on your perfect candidate.
  4. If you are wanting a premium candidate; know that you are going to have to offer premium compensation. Except for rare occasions; a candidate will want to be paid a premium to make a move. If you don’t, other companies will try to lure them away.
  5. Finally, referring to the swarm of resumes you may receive if you are using internet job search tools (eg job boards); the search engines look for key words and then spit out a resume that has the most relevant matched words to your job description. However, candidates have learned by pasting the job description in their resume but whiting it out so it doesn’t appear; search engines may be forwarding you a fry cook’s resume for your CFO role. The candidate has nothing to loose because he got you to view his resume. You, however, have a lot to loose in terms of time.

At Gateway Sourcing, we can help you with your search:

  • We can pre screen and pre qualify the candidates
  • We can administer cultural and skills competency assessment based on your needs
  • We can check references, conduct background checks and facilitate drug screening as required
  • We can also set up an employee as a contractor if you’re not prepared to make a full time offer. In the mean time we will handle administration, payroll and benefits of that employee until you want to bring them on full time, or conclude your project.

We are here to be your long term recruiting partner so don’t hesitate to call.