Expanded Services from Gateway Sourcing

January 9, 2020 at 3:52 pm | Published by Carlton Spinks

Gateway is now offering full contract placement

Gateway has historically offered professional level direct placement recruiting only.  However, we recognize that many of our clients have short term employment needs; don’t have authorization for FTE headcount; or may prefer a “temp to perm” model.  We Can Do That!!  We will provide your contract hire with payroll, tax and insurance, healthcare benefits, etc.  Leave the administration to us.


Additionally, Gateway has partnered with a network of similar boutique professional recruiters nationwide.  If you have satellite locations throughout the country and weren’t sure Gateway had the reach for those local candidates…rest assured that we do.  You will still have a single point of contact with Gateway but with our National Network of recruiters you’ll have more horsepower searching for the candidates you need.


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