IT Executive Panel Review

December 14, 2016 at 8:50 pm | Published by Carlton Spinks

We recently attended an executive IT panel discussion with 5 executives representing significant companies in the greater Mobile, AL market.

Regarding hiring commentary, their thoughts and concerns were pretty consistent whether they were hiring a novice or seasoned professional.  As you may be considering a career move, consider the perspective of the hiring manager:

1.  Interpersonal Skills – Historically “computer guys” could hide in the cloak of the understanding that they are quiet, shy, keep to themselves, etc.  Not anymore.  IT environments require a great deal of collaboration and communication to be effective.  If it doesn’t come naturally, work on your interpersonal skills:  conversation, eye contact, inclusive behavior, hygiene, compliments…  Image result for smiley emoji

2. Add Value– Regardless of your seniority, companies are looking for new hires to add value.  If you are junior they recognize there is “ramp up” time and that is a risk the company is taking.  Usually about a 1 ½ years before you are running on all cylinders.  Make your company know you are committed by using “off the clock” time to research the industry, competitors, improving your skills, etc.  There are a lot of candidates looking for jobs so you need to distinguish yourself.

3.  Stability – If you are a junior hire, reference commitments such as achieving Eagle Scout, 4+ year degree, term of participation in an organization.  As I mentioned earlier; there is a ramp up time for anything.  The employer wants to see that you’ve exceeded that ramp up time to a point where you were able to give back.  As a seasoned employee, they are also looking for long term commitments.  If you have short term positions reflected on your resume (less than 3 years), indicate why you left: e.g. higher salary, layoff, contract position, etc.  You want the employer to know that you are committed to staying on board.

We here at Gateway Sourcing we hope you have a Merry Christmas, happy holiday season and a joyous new year!